3º Ano do Ensino Médio educação Língua Inglesa


Roteiro de estudos de Língua Inglesa para o terceiro bimestre de 2020
Você está no roteiro de estudos para o terceiro bimestre elaborado pelo professor Antonio Archangelo, de Língua Inglesa, da Escola Estadual Januário SylvioPezzotti, Rio Claro/SP.

Durante o período de isolamento social, este material garantirá a continuidade de seus estudos visando, sobretudo, manter o vínculo com a comunidade escolar e as metas/objetivos de vida para este ano letivo.

Em cada uma das atividades você terá que:

Assistir as aulas no Centro de Mídias;
Concluir a leitura do Roteiro disponibilizado neste site, no grupo de WhatsApp, no Google Classroom ou impresso na escola;
Concluir a leitura complementar sugerida / Participar do projeto de prática;
Concluir o Exercício proposto;
Participar do Fórum.


a) Look at the image below, circle the elements you can recognize in the flag and find out what it refers to, then write your ideas on your notebook. Share your ideas with your partner and discuss about them.

Branches – olive tree – world
emblem – logo – map – circles

b) Still in pairs, read the text below and discuss about the relation between the text and the image. Try to connect your ideas about images on the flag to the purpose of the United Nations. Can you see any relation? In group, discuss about your ideas.

St. B: According to the text, the flag symbolizes ____.

St. C: In the text it says ____.

UN Photo/John Isaac The flag of the United Nations, with its white emblem on a light blue field, flies from a pole in front of UN Headquarters in New York. Available at: https://www.un.org/en/sections/about-un/un-logo-and-flag/index.html. Accessed on 13/11/2019
The logo and flag of the UN have become its symbols as it carries out its work on the world stage. They have the practical effect of identifying the United Nations in areas of trouble and conflict to any and all parties concerned. They are also aspirational symbols, for they speak to the hopes and dreams of people the world over, for peace and unity.

The original UN logo was created by a team of designers during the United Nations Conference on International Organization in 1945. The design team was led by Oliver Lincoln Lundquist.

The design is “a map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centred on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree, in gold on a field of smoke-blue with all water areas in white. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles” (original description of the emblem).

The official emblem of the United Nations in white, centered on a light blue background. The name “United Nations”, coined by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was first used in the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers.

c) Fill out the KWL chart about the UN.

What I knowWhat I want to KnowWhat I have learned
(Available at: https://www.un.org/en/sections/about-un/un-logo-and-flag/index.html. Accessed on 13/11/2019)

Watch it!

Video 1 – United Nations Organization Foundation, Purpose and Principles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy5OmqIC2J8)


Utilize o Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ou qualquer aplicativo social para compartilhar seus conhecimentos sobre as Nações Unidas

Para concluir a tarefa, você terá que entrar em contato com o professor e marcá-lo na postagem utilizando o perfil dele no app que você estará utilizando.

Lembre-se, pergunte a ele qual é o app que utilizará e em qual estará marcando-o.

IMPORTANTE: Envie o link com o material no Fórum do Classroom.

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